Crystal Palace Berd special build – astonishingly light and comfortable!

This is one of the sets of my best-selling Crystal Palace wheels I’ve built with Berd fibre spokes, as exhibited at Bespoked (except this set has black spokes). They’re significantly lighter than the regular build at only 1318g for the pair, although the hubs and rims are the regular Crystal Palace components.

Owen Wheels Crystal Palace Berd wheelset

Berd spokes build to the same tension as conventional stainless steel spokes like the CX-Rays I usually use, so the wheels are just as stiff as normal, handle, corner and accelerate just as brilliantly, but the fibre spokes give the wheels a different “feel” that’s hard to quantify but basically makes them feel smoother when rolling along. Something about the way the fibre structures adapt, as the slight forces in each spoke fluctuate during normal riding, absorbs vibrations and road buzz noticeably better than steel spokes.

So these are significantly more comfortable and significantly lighter than almost any other standard aluminium-rimmed road wheelset! They’re normally £825, this pair are on sale at £618.