Put simply, these are built to the same design brief as the Crystal Palace wheels but with carbon fibre rims.

Like the Crystal Palace, they’re built to be stiff, light and race-ready. But the carbon rims we’ve chosen are wider, more aerodynamic and even stiffer. They’ve got a high-temperature graphene braking surface to grip well in the wet and resist heat build-up under heavy braking.

The rims are 27mm wide for excellent grip and low rolling resistance. The front has a curved 36mm deep profile for the best combination of aerodyamics even in side-winds; the rear a slightly more pointed 46mm deep profile to slice through the air. They are, of course, tubeless compatible.

Like the Crystal Palace, they’re built on Owen Wheels hubs with sealed bearings, and Sapim CX-Ray spokes for excellent weight and durability.

They’re 1420g, and £895 a pair.

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