Named after the classic London to Suffolk ride the ‘Dunwich Dynamo’. Dynamos aren’t really needed on this ride any more, thanks to brighter LEDs and better modern batteries, but strong, durable wheels certainly are, and that’s where the Dunwich wheelset comes into its own. Perfect for the daily grind, or for long slogs such as touring or audax riding.

They are built up on well-sealed Shimano Tiagra hubs to keep out all weathers, and Ryde Chrina rims (double-eyeletted for strength and durability). Sturdy, double-butted Sapim Race spokes, which are slightly lighter than competitors without costing too much more, are laced in a stable 32 spoke, 3-cross pattern.

Coming in at just over 2000g, these wheels gain a little weight in favour of the strength and staying power needed on longer rides, or the daily commute; but at just under £200 a pair they represent excellent value for money.